Visit Newfoundland, Trinity and its region.

The Ship, named Passe Port, was built in 1982 in a small shipyard, AMT (Atelier Maritime Tilly, St-Antoine de Tilly, Québec, Canada).

Incorporated in 1978, AMT was specialize in building fiberglass Fishing Vessels mainly for Crab and Lobster. The Shipyard was an innovator, being an early user of new construction materials.

In 1982, AMT built a prototype of Pleasance Ship, using a fishing ship hull mold. The Passe Port a 42 feet long Trawler, will stay the very unique and the only one made by AMT, pleasance ship industry being an overcrowded market.

The last owners prior to René Lavoie were François Desy and Hélène Meunier of Quebec City. They owned the Ship for over a decade, keeping the Vessel in very good shape and improving her.

Then René Lavoie acquired the Ship on December 15, 2019. Being already involved in the Vacation Homes Industry,, the PASSE PORT will keep her name but get a new marketing identity, SAM’s The SHIP.

Early in June 2020 the Ship will be convoyed by sea from Québec City to Trinity, NFLD. The Captain will be Robert Fournier an experimented man and i will be the helper.

René Lavoie.

Special thanks,

François Desy Former Owner
Hélène Meunier Former Owner
Richard Boulet, Boulet Lemelin, Maintenance Shipyard, Quebec.
Robert Fournier, Captain.

To the whole team of Sam’s Vacation Homes to maintain the Ship.